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The SSL Advantage

Innovation and quality are taken into consideration from the very start of the designing process of our ALP's. Driven by state-of-the-art design our facilities offer functionality, increase productivity and improve customer service. Our focus is on maximising storage space while ensuring aesthetics, landscaping and worker safety and comfort.

Roof and side cladding
are insulated with
polynum insulations
which helps regulating
the inside temperature
of the warehouse
(8-12°C less than
outside temperature).
Turbo ventilators / Roof
monitors on the
ceiling controls the
air flow.
Rodent repellents
and gate curtains
prevent rodent &
bird entry in
Fire fighting system,
Roof Insulation,
Docking arrangement
prevent the
warehouse from
foreign particle entry
and external hazards.
One way traffic
movement allows
easy movement
of trucks.
The entire Complex
is affixed with
Directional, Safety and
Information Signages
for disiplined and
smooth movement of
man, vehicle and